At 4 years, children have already identified their favorite toys, colors and know quite a lot about letters as well as numbers. Natural talents are beginning to emerge and personality traits are coming into focus. At this stage, kids should get birthday gifts that will engage and develop their skills. Now, if you are wondering what birthday presents to buy for your 4 year old one, here are some cool ideas:

Construction sets
For most 4-year-olds, constructing something get their juices flowing. At this age, kids have mastered the ability to design sophisticated models and can concentrate for long durations in an effort to finish a single project.

Construction sets with large blocks make for great birthday gifts for preschoolers. The kid will enjoy designing different models using various shapes, colors and sizes.

Developing good communication and interactions skills is critical for preschoolers. Buying them a puzzle such as a floor puzzle will help them to develop healthy teamwork and good communication skills. According to Sue Wood, a child psychologist at Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston, games such as Guess Who assist children to master emotions. This is because kids need to understand the character’s facial expressions.

Hobby toys
Kids at this stage usually develop strong interests in certain fields. Some will get excited by baby animals and others by dinosaurs. Once you have identified what excites your kid or what they love doing, get it for them.

Bikes and cars
While changing from training wheels to 2-wheelers is not always easy, 4-year-olds usually have enough coordination skills to pedal a bicycle or ride a scooter. Once kids have mastered the art of keeping a bike upright, they can easily skip training wheels and go straight to riding a 2-wheel pedal bike.

Apart from bikes, car-racing is great for 4-yea-olds. They still love chunky, sturdy cars they can push around. To help your child develop cooperative play skills, invest in a racing track that can accommodate several cars at a go. This will enable him to engage in car-racing with his friends and provide tremendous fun as well as an opportunity to bond with his friends.

Gardening sets
At four years, kids do not mind getting their hands dirty in the garden. You can encourage your child to appreciate Mother Nature by buying colorful pots and seeds where he/she can grow flowers or vegetables.

Stories and poetry books
By 4 years, children have made a lot of progress in their vocabulary and language skills. They are able to grasp basic elements in a plot, make predictions and draw interesting conclusions. Rather than sit and fret on best birthday gifts for 4 year old one, it is time to introduce them to books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlotte’s Web.

Ultimately, the question on what birthday presents to buy for your 4 year old should be determined by their interests and energy. Ideally, these should be gifts the kid can engage with for longer periods unlike when their attention span was only a few seconds. At this age, kids are highly independent at play, are beyond the stage where everything goes into the mouth and prefer to spend more time on their feet. In some instances, you might be surprised to realize that some kids will even want to engage in games adults are interested in.